Is part of is owned by REA Group, which also owns Australia’s leading residential real estate site, REA Group’s purpose is to change the way the world experiences property, and is excited to contribute to delivering on that purpose.  

Although and are both owned by REA Group, the two brands operate with different, but complimentary, roles to play in the Australian residential property journey. is a property research destination that enables Australians to find the full picture on every property by collecting and publishing property data from a range of sources - combining publicly available information from across the web with resources from property data providers. also operates a Property Coach experience, offering Australian’s support, resources and a range of third-party products designed to build confidence when buying and selling property and enabling them to make their next move.  

Property owners may then decide to go on to transact in the real estate market. Once they have engaged a real estate agent, they have the opportunity to advertise their property listing on Australia’s leading residential real estate website,

The consumer experiences of the two brands are distinct and separate, and consequently, the audience engagement with each brand will look different and the policies that support the differing business practices will vary. 


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