How are rental income estimates calculated?

Rental income estimates are displayed on to help give you an indication of potential rental income for a property.

These estimates are calculated by property data company, PropTrack by looking at multiple properties and local market data points, which together can provide insight into the approximate rental income of a property. The data that informs the estimate range includes property and local market data, including, but not limited to:  

  • Property type (ie house, townhouse, strata title etc)
  • Land size and location
  • Comparable rentals (ie similar homes that have been rented out nearby)
  • Market trends, (current and historical)
  • Property characteristics, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and the size of the property’s footprint.

Rental income estimates are based on the available market data and are indicative only.  

To obtain an accurate representation of the market, it is best to seek an appraisal from a local real estate agent. You can connect to a local agent by following the below link:

Rental income estimates are powered by Proptrack and sourced from

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