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What is a building and pest inspection report?
A Building and Pest inspection is a visual assessment of the property and the structures within 30 meters of the building and within the site boundaries including fences. They are prepared in accordance with The Australian Standards (AS 4349.0-4349.3)

What findings are provided within a building and pest report?
a. Urgent and serious safety hazards, which are building elements or situations that represent a current or immediate potential threat of injury or disease to persons.
b. Major Defects, which are defects of sufficient magnitude where rectification must be carried out to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property.
c. Minor Defects which are any other defect, usually described as expected or routine property maintenance.
d. The presence or absence of live termite and timber pest activity;
e. Suspected evidence of any old or inactive damage; and
f. A general opinion regarding the presence of conditions at the Property conducive to termite or timber pest activity.

What parts of the property are inspected?
a. Interior
b. Roof void or ceiling cavity
c. Exterior
d. Subfloor (if applicable)
e. Adjoining structures or other outbuildings within 30m of the main building eg: garages, sheds, retaining walls, fences etc.
f. The site to the fence line / property boundary or up to 30m from the house including major trees

What are the limitations of a building and pest?
Areas for inspections are commonly and frequently limited by several factors. Examples of common limitations are listed below:

• Conditions we reasonably consider unsafe to inspect
• Locked doors or inaccessible rooms
• Security systems
• Pets
• Furniture, floor coverings, wall and ceiling linings and stored items
• Restriction of access due to height
• Restriction of access due to lack of clearance, small crawl spaces, lack of entry access
points or thick vegetation
• Adverse weather conditions

Commentary is only provided on what is visible at the time of the inspection, so unable to undertake an invasive inspection.

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