Building Reports from Before you Bid: Everything Sellers need to know

What is the difference between a building and pest report and strata report?
A building and pest report focuses on the structural and pest-related aspects of a property, evaluating its condition and potential issues through a visual, on-site inspection. On the other hand, a strata report delves into the collective ownership and financial health of a property within a strata scheme, providing insights into the shared responsibilities, bylaws, and the overall well-being of the strata community (completed via records made available from the strata manager). While a building and pest report safeguards against individual property concerns, a strata report ensures a comprehensive understanding of the communal aspects in a multi-unit setting. 

Where does Before you Bid operate? 
Before you Bid operates everywhere in Australia except for the ACT.

What inspectors do Before you Bid have on their inspector panel?
Before you Bid has over 250 independent inspectors covering Building & Pest, Strata and Pool inspections. They pride themselves on having high-quality inspectors who are all insured and are held accountable by a rating system.

As a seller, why should I purchase an inspection report for interested buyers? 
Purchasing an inspection report for interested buyers might initially seem burdensome, especially if you've already paid full price for a report when purchasing the property. However, by reducing the cost of the report for potential buyers, you can significantly increase the pool of qualified bidders conducting due diligence on your property. This strategy can enhance competitiveness against other properties in the area, making it easier for buyers to transact on yours. Ultimately, facilitating easier access to inspection reports can attract more interested parties, potentially leading to quicker offers and a faster sale process.

If I have questions specific to my building and pest inspect report from Before you Bid, who can I ask to get more clarity? How do I reach them?
After receiving your report, you'll have the chance to email the inspector with any questions you may have. This will help you decide whether you want to address any identified issues.

When do I make payment? 
Following your request, you will receive an email from Before you Bid requesting payment. Click on this, then you will be directed to the website to complete the payment for your order to be successful. 

How long does it take to get my report? 
The estimated delivery time by Before you Bid is typically between 2 to 4 days after the payment has been successfully processed. If you haven't received your report by then, please refer to the Before you Bid contact details provided below.

Phone: 1300 253 761

Once I understand my report, how can I leverage the content in my property transaction?
As a seller, once you understand the report provided by Before you Bid, you can leverage it strategically in your property transaction in several ways:

1. Best Listing Price: Use the insights from the report to set a competitive price with your agent. Highlighting the property's strengths and addressing any potential concerns upfront can attract serious buyers.

2. Transparent Marketing: Incorporate positive findings from the report into your marketing strategy. Transparency builds trust, and by showcasing the comprehensive report, you demonstrate confidence in the property's condition.

3. Pre-emptive Repairs or Quotes: Address any minor issues identified in the report before listing or prepare rectification quotes. This proactive approach can enhance the property's appeal, potentially increasing its value and reducing negotiation hurdles.

4. Attract Informed Buyers: Informed buyers are more likely to proceed with confidence. By providing a comprehensive report, you attract serious and well-informed buyers who may be more willing to move forward with the transaction.

5. Streamlined Negotiations: Anticipate and address potential concerns raised in the report during negotiations. This can lead to smoother transactions and quicker closings, as buyers will have fewer reasons to renegotiate based on unforeseen issues.

Remember, transparency is key in real estate transactions, and leveraging the Before you Bid report allows you to present your property in the best light while ensuring a smooth and confident transaction process.

If you would like to find out more information about our partner Before you Bid, please request a call back from our Property Coaches here.



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