What data points are used in the Find an Agent by location search?

Users have the opportunity to view and compare agents using the following data points:

Suburb sales and performance

  • The key drivers that form part of Suburb Sales & Performance are the volume of sales in a suburb, volume of sales in total, volume of reviews and star rating. The supporting drivers include the median sales price and median days advertised. 

Ratings and Reviews

  • Agent Ratings and Reviews allows buyers and sellers to share their experiences when dealing with real estate agents who have managed the sale or purchase of their property. 
  • Each reviewer will be asked to leave a rating between 1 and 5 and describe their experience with the agent in more detail. The sales agent will then have the ability to respond to the feedback they have received. 
  • The number of reviews agents have received will appear in the Find agents search as well as their star rating.

Property sales

  • Shows the total number of sales made as a Lead Agent in the suburb or region you have searched. 
  • If the agent has not sold any properties as a Lead Agent, then we will display the total number of sales made as a Dual Agent. 

Median sold price

  • This is calculated by the 'median' sale price of all properties that an agent has sold as a Lead and/or Dual Agent in the specified suburb and for the sales timeframe selected. 
  • This number is based on the data that is provided through the agent’s sold listings. 
  • A dash (-) will appear where there is insufficient data on the agent's median sold price. 
  • Listings that are sold off-market and have no price disclosed count towards the median sale price. When a sold price on a listing is provided to REA there is an option to avoid displaying this price on the listing. However, if the price is not displayed on the listing, the Median sold price for the agent/agency will still be updated and this updated median will be displayed on agent/agency profiles. This applies whether the listing is first advertised on realestate.com.au as For Sale or if the listing is directly advertised as Sold.

Median days advertised

  • This refers to the median days advertised for properties sold during the sales timeframe that has been selected, and in the searched suburb or region, where the agent was either Lead or Dual agent. 
  • Days advertised is the date that the listing became active through to the sold date entered into the listing. 
  • If the listing was offline during this time for less than 60 days, the days advertised count starts from the initial active date.

Note: To ensure that an agent’s data is not drastically affected by one or two anomaly listings, we are using 'median data points'. The median refers to the middle number in an ordered dataset, not the average figure. We believe this shows a more accurate representation of the agent’s data compared to showing average data points.

Total property sales

  • Here we display the agent's total property sales on realestate.com.au as Lead and Dual Agent that occurred during the selected sales timeframe.

Further information 

  • The data points above will adjust according to the suburb or region that is searched. 
  • The 'other' category in the comparison tab includes land, rural, acreage and retirement living properties.


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