Where does property.com.au get their data from?

Property.com.au is a research site helping Australians find the full picture on every property. We collect data from a range of sources, combining publicly available information from across the web with resources from property data providers. 

Some of our data providers are listed (but not limited to) below:


Data Provided


Property and market information


Property and market information

Toddle Enterprises Group Pty Ltd

Childcare data


Schools data

Geoscape Australia

Maps and boundary data

GNAF by Geoscape Australia

Address information

The State and Territory Valuer Generals

Sold data

ACCC © Commonwealth of Australia

Mobile coverage

State government environment, land, water and planning departments

Overlays and Zones


Any questions you have relating to information published on our site will need to be directed back to the source of the data. You can do this by reaching out to the providers listed above and if any changes are made by the provider, this data will flow through to property.com.au over time.

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